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Citizens Technical
Environmental Committee

Butte, Montana

Superfund Updates

About Us

Our Mission

Butte CTEC empowers members of the community affected by Superfund cleanup to engage effectively in cleanup decisions, by enhancing their understanding of local Superfund issues, and by advocating for solutions that benefit the community through engagement with involved stakeholders.

Our Vision

Butte CTEC envisions its role in the affected community as being supportive, responsive, and broadly helpful to groups and individuals in their dealings with Superfund issues, in which that role helps residents to understand those issues sufficiently to navigate and meaningfully address the region’s Superfund environmental challenges.

Our Values


We facilitate interaction among the public, agencies, and parties.


We prioritize transparency and community engagement.


We embrace diverse perspectives and ensure inclusive dialogue.


As volunteers, we serve impartially.

Honoring Local Expertise

We encourage the involvement of local people with relevant experience & expertise.